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JCSD Seeking Brandon Keith Sanderson


Hey y'all! It's Friday and you know what that means, right? You guessed it! It's FELON FRIDAY! #yeehaw #thatsright

DISCLAIMER: Our FELON FRIDAY posts use witty humor #wefunny, sharp humor #itstings, and scintillating content #dembigwordsagain to help you, our loyal and discerning #hmmm page followers, remember the wanted subject we are seeking. Soooo, if you are ready to go into your well-focused #FacebookDetectiveSquad mode, then here we go!

Today's #soontobefamous FELON FRIDAY wanted person is Brandon Keith Sanderson #sexoffender. Seems like BKS is wanted by not just one, but by two different law enforcement agencies in Choctaw County, Alabama and Choctaw County, Mississippi on sex offender related offenses. #notgoodbud #urnbigtrouble #ru4real

We've heard that BKS is hanging out right here in good ole Jones County after not complying with his terms of release from prison in Alabama #rolltide #SheriffJoeisaLSUfan, so someone here is bound to know where he is. #whereubehiding #whyurunnin #popodistancingisbad #actinafool

If anyone knows the whereabouts #wherehebe of Brandon Keith Sanderson, please call the Jones County Sheriff's Department at 601-425-3147 #callthepopo or Jones County Crime Stoppers at 601-428-STOP (7867) #needyoinfoandnotyoname.

Sheriff Joe's comfy "Berlin Inn" has a nice bed awaiting you bud and we are all stocked up on toilet paper now. #whyyallhoardtheTP #softoneplyTP #nonreusabletho Plus, if you stay long enough maybe you will take the opportunity to visit with a jail ministry team and hear more about someone who can help you. #ucanfindJesusinjail #manyothersmetHimhere #DyingToLiveMinistries

Y'all have a fantastic Friday and a fun weekend! Our staff will be serving Jones County 24/7 as always and we covet your prayers for our safety.

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