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Major Jamie   Tedford

Chief of Operations

Captain Jason Buxton

Patrol Commander


Lieutenant David Ward

Patrol Lieutenant


Sergeant Brennon Chancellor

Squad A Leader

Corporal Ethan     Wise

Squad A

Deputy Chase   Smith

Squad A

Sergeant Adam Cochran 

Squad B Leader

Corporal Johnel Rogers

Squad B

Deputy Patrick   Oster

Squad B

Deputy Wesley Waites

Squad B

Sergeant Joe Blakeney

Squad C Leader

Corporal Doug Shepherd K-9

Squad C


Deputy Josh        King

Squad C

Sergeant Lance Williams

Squad D Leader


Corporal Eric Gannon K-9

Squad D

Deputy Jeff        Monk

Squad D

Deputy Frank  Spurlin

Squad D

Deputy Drew Morecraft

Squad D

Sergeant Bob Shoemake

Squad E Leader

Sergeant Paul Coleman

Desk Sergeant

Deputy Shannon Koss

Victim Advocate

Deputy Clara McKinley

Court Services

Sergeant Bobby Moree

Evidence Technician

Sergeant Brian Buxton

Fleet Manager

Deputy Jerry Hutcheson (P/T)

Squad E

Deputy David Rudolph (P/T)

Squad E

Deputy Jack Armstrong (P/T)

Squad E 


Deputy Rickey Graves (P/T)

Squad E

Deputy Jerry Towne (P/T)

Squad E

Deputy Lee Hailes (P/T)

Squad E


Deputy Chris Livingston (P/T)

Squad E

Deputy Lou Lowe (P/T)

Squad E

The responsibility of this unit is to maintain a safe and orderly environment for citizens and visitors in all areas of Jones County.

Few would dispute the fact that deputies assigned to the Patrol Division are the backbone of the Sheriff's Office. These are the men and women who are the first to respond to your call for help. They are almost always the first to arrive on a scene and give aid and comfort to the injured. They often put themselves in harm's way every day they are on the job to stabilize a violent domestic call or when they search a dark building for a dangerous suspect. They pull victims out of burning buildings or give the first life-saving breaths of CPR to the child they have just pulled out of a backyard swimming pool. They serve and protect the citizens of Jones County and they do it with little recognition or fanfare. They take it all in and see what they do as simply part of their jobs.

The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to all types of emergency and non-emergency calls for service. The Patrol Division advocates preventative patrol and strives to maintain high visibility as a way to deter crime. 


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