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JCSD Valentine's Day Surprise Package


The Jones County Sheriff's Department is offering the perfect Valentine's Day surprise for that ex-Valentine here in Jones County who has outstanding arrest warrants, is dealing illegal drugs, or maybe is even a "Most Wanted" JCSD subject!
You can surprise your ex or ex's with a free stay in our newly renovated Berlin Inn offering a not-so-private room and some really awesome roommates! The JCSD "Valentine's Day Surprise Package" also includes free transportation to the Berlin Inn in a really cool gray Dodge Durango with awesome blue accent lighting! Add in the customized shiny silver accent bracelets and the latest in fashion coveralls with super cool horizontal orange stripes to make this Valentine's Day surprise the coolest ever!
Let's not forget the sweet photo shoot, news media and social media coverage that your ex will receive as part of our luxury Valentine's Day package!
The JCSD Valentine's Day Surprise Package is good all during the month of February in case your ex has been running and hasn't made it back to Jones County yet. Use Code "Run Forrest Run" to ensure prompt action on your special gift to your ex. Best news ever is it's FREE to you as a reporting party! Your ex will never even know that you lined up this awesome experience!
Simply give us a call at 601-425-3147 or drop us a note anonymously on our website at the bottom of the page in the "Submit A Crime Tip" section. It's a such a great way on Valentine's Day to lovingly remember your ex who is slinging illegal drugs, has outstanding arrest warrants, or is a JCSD "Most Wanted" person!
Our Deputies, Investigators and Narcotics Agents are standing by to take your calls or follow up on your anonymous emails from our website! It's gonna be such a fun Valentine's Day for those running from the law or dealing illegal narcotics in Jones County!
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