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Scam Alert


Scammers are at it again targeting Jones County residents with the latest version of the subpoena-warrant scam.
One or more scammers claiming to be JCSD Sergeant J.D. Carter or Lieutenant Alex Hodge advise residents by phone that they have either a outstanding warrant or a subpoena. The scammer advises that there is a fine attached to the legal proceeding and a immediate payment of $500 (or more) is due by debit card, Cash App, Green Dot card, or other electronic transfer means which have no recourse to reclaim funds.
Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin advises, "This is a total scam and the only purpose of these scammers is to take your hard earned money. If we have a subpoena or a warrant for your arrest, we won't be calling you asking for money. We will come pay you a visit in person."
Anyone receiving a call believed to be a scam should just hang up. Residents may report scam calls to the Federal Trade Commission at .
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