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On Monday, September 24, 2018, a Jones County Investigator was doing routine checks on the validity of addresses of those who are on the Sex Offender Registry in Jones County.  The investigator arrived at 584 Hines Road in Calhoun, knocked on the door several times with no answer, and left a note on a door hanger for the individual listed on the registry to contact him at the Sheriff’s Office.  While at the door, three puppies came up to the investigator.  He let them smell his hand in a sign of nonaggression and made his way back to his vehicle.


As the investigator walked to his car, an older dog came toward him.  The investigator stuck his hand out like before and the dog began to bark and growl. The investigator slowly made his way to the vehicle when the dog started jumping back and forth, then lunged toward him. The investigator instinctively reached for his weapon, fired once and struck the dog, killing it. 


After the shot was fired, six people emerged from the home, none of which were the registered sex offender, who was said to be gone at the time. Additional members of the Jones County Sheriff’s Office team came to the property and talked to the residents. The dog owner stated, “He didn’t have to kill my dog, he could have shot him in the leg.”  Another of the residents said, “People know not to come to our house because they know how our dogs are.”  There were no posted “Beware of Dog” signs at the home.


According to Jones County Sheriff’s Office records, at least one dog biting incident was called in from that address on April 21, 2017. It is unclear if it involved the same animal.

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