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Following up on a tip, a Jones County Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to an address on Wansley Road, stating Zachary “Chase” Pineda, 26 of Laurel, was near the property and Laurel Police Department had a felony warrant on him. When the deputy arrived at the address he saw a vehicle parked at the residence, with the door open and items sitting near the vehicle.  After knocking on the door and receiving no answer, the deputy saw movement and heard noise coming from within the home.  When the person came to the window, the deputy recognized him as being Pineda.  The deputy entered the home and smelled a strong odor of marijuana and noticed paraphernalia on the floor. 


Laurel Police Department arrived on the scene and took Pineda into custody for the warrant.  The homeowner also arrived at the residence and reported Pineda did not have permission to be in the home.  The homeowner recognized many of her belongings in or near Pineda’s vehicle or moved to the front door of the home. 


While searching other items in Pineda’s vehicle, a suitcase was found that contained a controlled substance (almost 300 pills) and a handgun.


Pineda was charged with Burglary of and Inner Door and two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent While in Possession of a Firearm.

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