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On August 7, 2018 Jones County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call a shots fired complaint at a residence on Armissie Lane.  While on the way to the scene, the deputy was informed the suspect and the victim were no longer on the scene.  When deputies arrived, the property owner, who was not involved in the assault, and a separate witness pointed out where the assault took place. 


Shortly after, a call came from a convenient store in Moselle from Elvin Ulmer, Jr., 39, stating he had shot someone in self-defense and was turning himself in.  Ulmer was in need of medical attention because of a severe injury to his eye and was taken to a local hospital.  It was also discovered the victim had taken himself to a local hospital to receive treatment for a treatable gunshot wound. 


Investigators spoke with the wife of the victim.  She stated Ulmer was at the residence visiting his son when the victim pulled up and a verbal altercation began, escalating to a physical altercation.  She went inside and heard a gunshot.  She came back out and the two men were fighting.  She got in between them and was punched in the face.  Both men left the scene shortly after.


Because of medical conditions, no arrests were made.  The investigation is on-going. 


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