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Story of Redemption



"One who conceals his wrongdoings will not prosper, But one who confesses and abandons them will find compassion."(Proverbs 28:13 NAS20)

Over 10 years ago I was arrested by narcotics officer Vince Williams, most of y'all you know my story and that at the time of the run in I was not a law abiding citizen. I was a lost rebellious broken hearted thug and I was an addict. This encounter with Vince was a small part in a big picture. It actually did help open my eyes to the wrong in my life. I wish I could say that the day after the encounter my life fully changed but it didn't I ran from God a little while longer before surrendering my life to Him. I had to realize that every choice was mine ans mine alone. I wanted to say thank you Vince for doing your job and the many officers I encountered in my low moments, thank you Law enforcement, I couldn't imagine how it affects y'all to see a person like myself in such an empty dark place daily and you can't really help them. In the end God will. God helped me through Christ. Don't be afraid to own the wrong in your life. All those in sin, stop blaming others, addicts stop blaming cops, law breakers stop blaming cops, God chose you, chose life in Him.
- Austin Bolan


*Vince Williams in now the Captain over the Criminal Investigations Division at the Jones County Sheriff's Department

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