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JCSD 2020 Narcotics Division Investigations


JCSD Reports 2020 Felony Drug Investigations/Cases


The Jones County Sheriff's Department opened 187 felony drug investigations/cases in 2020 keeping the department's three narcotics agents extremely busy. JCSD Narcotics Division Sgt. Jake Driskell notes, "We continue to work diligently to rid Jones County of the scourge of illegal narcotics. With 187 felony drug investigations/cases, we have kept the pressure on dealers of illegal drugs and users of these illegal drugs as well." 


Driskell advises that crystal methamphetamine is still the number one drug of choice among users in Jones County. "If we were to magically do away with crystal methamphetamine, we would have to look really hard every day to find something to do in the JCSD Narcotics Division," advises Driskell.  He concludes, "Drug dealers in Jones County should know that we are always out here listening, looking, and following leads into illegal narcotics activity. Definitely sleep with one eye open because you never know when we are coming knocking."


Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin notes, "We receive tips and leads from concerned residents virtually each and every day with regard to illegal drug activity at locations around Jones County. While it takes time to build cases leading to the arrests of offenders, those cases are being worked hard and with diligence‚Äč. We have it as our mission, both through education and through enforcement, to put a massive dent in the market for illegal narcotics here in Jones County. Rest assured, we are committed to making Jones County drug free."

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